2015 Saddleback Trail Restoration Done With
Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado & 
Clear Creek County Open Space

Friday June 26th
Approximately 90 repurposed wooden beam steps were installed and erosion control water bars constructed on 1,200’ of the upper loop of the SaddleBack trail by approximately 50 volunteers contributing 387 volunteer hours.

Local helpers included Glenn Wallace, Pete Helseth, Julie Westland, Paul Berteau and Renee Botte.

Clear Creek Open Space bought this piece of land in 2005, but lacked the funding to build the trail until recently. VOC volunteers helped out for the first time in 2013, and on Friday,6/26/15 they were able to lay the trail all the way to the summit, connecting it with the loop trail on the other side! Clear Creek Open Space board member, Julie Westland, said that “progress would be glacial without the time and hard work the volunteers put into trail building!” A sandwich lunch was provided by the Open Space Commission from Idaho Springs' Two Brothers Deli and a member of the Open Space community baked homemade cookies for all the volunteers. It’s safe to say that our hardworking volunteers devoured the delicious lunch!
Floyd Hill Area Property Owners Association