This team has been formed to assist emergency personnel with evacuation of smaller companion animals in

case of wildfire, toxic spill or other natural or manmade disaster that may occur in Clear Creek County.


The following individuals have gone through 6 hours of FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency) training as well as 5 hours of local Animal Rescue training.


Holly Gangell  (Floyd Hill) 303-842-9277
Linda Berteau (Floyd Hill) 303-679-3025
Julie Westland (Beaver Brook) 303-674-0684
Kriss Buchwald (Saddleback) 303-679-0356
Jackie Mollen (Saddleback) 303-567-2427
Terrie Dittmeyer (Saddleback) 303-567-2963
Bob Seavey (Saddleback ) 321-591-8386


Animal Location Survey

click icon to view survey

Please fill out and return this survey to assist us in helping you rescue your animals, if you are not

available to do it yourself. The results will remain confidential and only be used to assist crews in locating animals during an emergency situation. Please fill out and return to:


P.O. Box 2000

Georgetown, CO 80444.


lf you have any questions, please all Donna Gee( 303)668-0924. If more room is needed,  please list additional animals on a separate sheet of paper.



To become certified in Animal Rescue, contact:   

Donna A Gee Clear Creek County    

405 Argentine Street

Georgetown, CO 80444

Phone (303)679-2309

Fax (303)679-2440